Graham Russell


Mr. Russell is a registered nurse with 27 years of healthcare operations and construction experience. Mr. Russell’s consulting portfolio includes the Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas, America’s newest and most advanced pediatric hospital, the Harvard Medical University Medical Center- Dubai, and DSI Bucks County, the nation’s first modular hospital, and over one hundred more individual institutions.

Prior to forming MODUS, Mr. Russell was the Corporate Director of Clinical and Surgical Services for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) in Nashville, Tennessee, and he has participated in the design and construction, including writing the functional plan, for healthcare facilities throughout the US and abroad. Mr. Russell works directly with our architects and end-users – physicians, nurses and administrators, to build the facility in a way that meets their needs. He will direct the clinical teams who will work throughout the project from sale to functional plan to construction in the plant and finally completion on the site. Each project will have a clinical liaison to work with architects, end-users, and the plant to ensure quality, responsiveness and excellence in every aspect of the project.

Mr. Russell will monitor production and quality remotely, in the plant and on the site, with the use of remote camera technology, just as he did in the Bucks County project, and he will have an office in the plant itself. Inspectors at the plant will report to Mr. Russell weekly and as needed. Mr. Russell will serve on the MODUS Board of Directors.