Competitive Pricing

MODUS drives cost out

Build on site, and your costs rise as your schedule slips. Your interest payments rise and you pay more for capital while labor costs creep up. Our innovative designs can be “bespoke” or custom designs, but replicating proven design features saves time, and money. Building in a controlled environment means:

1. No lost days due to weather, supplies not shipped, etc.
2. Site work and construction work proceed simultaneously
3. Lower labor costs because all time is productive
4. Inspectors in the plant keeps the project moving, so there are no lost days waiting for an inspector before moving to the next building phase or trade
5. Regional wage rates vary by as much as 50%; we build only in non union plants, and almost exclusively in right to work jurisdictions
6. Designs can all be tailored to meet your plans or altered slightly to utilize existing engineering and design
7. Our award winning operating room uses proprietary features to ensure one to two more procedures can be done during the day to maximize utilization of the OR
8. Prices can be locked in for 6 months so there are no surprises in material costs