Controlled Environment Construction

Componentized buildings start with a concrete floor and steel frame. The 80,000 pound modules are assembled and moved on pneumatic sleds by highly skilled workers on a high-tech, indoor assembly line. The interior wall, ceiling, duct work, plumbing, medical gas, electrical, and data components are pre-assembled to increase manufacturing efficiency. They are installed and inspected on the line. These high-tech structures offer highly desirable alternatives to site-built construction while meeting rigorous healthcare design demands, including California’s most stringent regulatory requirements.

The construction timeline overlap afforded to factory construction is one key advantage to the MODUS process. All construction projects utilize the same basic steps. Because MODUS uses “functional unit” design, the time for design and engineering is reduced by at least twenty percent. In factory construction, the building is constructed while site preparation is accomplished. This saves eight months – two years on average, depending upon the site conditions and weather. Finally, factory construction is unimpeded – no weather delays; no labor issues; work can occur around-the-clock; skilled tradesmen work on level ground at eye level with powerful machinery; and materials are placed at the workers fingertips when and where needed.